An Open Letter To The Iranian Guardian Council

Is this the face of a "terrorist?" Of a "vandal?"

Really? A 26-year old music student has you so afraid for your safety that you sanction her public murder by a Basij sniper? And then, you won't even permit her to have a proper funeral ceremony.

What is it about this face that frightened you so much?

I'm pretty sure I know, and the rest of the world is coming around to it as well if they haven't already.

Rest assured that the enduring image of your legacy will not be all of the recreation centers that Ahmedinejad built. (Stalin had those too, you know.) Nor will it be one of quiet respect towards the wizened elders that stood up to Western influence and held alight the torch of sensible rule by Islamic decree.

No. The historical portrait of your effectiveness as leaders is captured in a grainy cell phone video of a young and beautiful woman bleeding to death in the streets - by your hand.

Yes, you will most likely win 'this round.' You have the advantage of having the Pasdaran and Basij at your beck and call. You also lack the empathy and wisdom to let a different voice be heard, and the willingness and black hearts that are required to beat it into painful submission. Is this sanctioned by the Koran? I don't think so.

But what do I know? I'm part of the "Great Satan." That allows you to disregard anything I have to say, no matter how true it rings.

Regardless of what Ahmedinejad tells the world, your current troubles are not of Western design. Nor are they Zionist in origin. Sooner or later, you're going to have to accept that there is no one around to blame but yourselves.

I'm sure some of you have children that are the same age Neda was when you murdered her. Does it eat at you, that you get to spend time with your children - safe in your comfortable throne of moral superiority and unquestionable political power - and Neda's family and friends are left to grieve in hiding because you won't allow them the courtesy to remember her at her grave?

I think what bothers you is a nagging realization in the back of your mind. History will march beyond you. The human race will eventually evolve past the ways of men such as yourselves, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. Your people want freedom. Not in the American flag-waving sense. They want freedom gained by their own actions, dictated by their own accords. You exist to provide them with protection and to provide for their welfare.

I'd like very much to visit your country and meet your people. I'd do so in a heartbeat if I didn't think I would be putting your own citizens in danger from associating with me. Besides, Westerners have a very short shelf-life in your country, don't they?

Why won't you allow international election observers into your country? What is it that you are hiding? We're supposed to just take your word that the elections were fair and just after you punctuate this sentiment with a 7.62mm rifle round through the torso of a young woman?

I'm going to close this rant with the words of a man whose feet you are not worthy to touch:

"The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

I believe Neda Soltan would have liked that quote.

I also believe you have good reason to fear it.


This message is for whomever the IRGC is employing to investigate Twitter posts.

You can't stop us all. There are things you cannot control. Your people are screaming for modernity and level-headedness, and it's reaching a critical mass you will be unable to stop.

You can slow the march of change with the truncheon, but only for so long. Tell your masters their days are numbered. The same immutable force of change that installed the Islamic Republic is fully capable of throwing you and your Basiji lapdogs out on your collective asses.

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