Once more into the Fray.

I'm not going to waste time waxing philosophical about the introductions.

Right to the meat.

I won't be updating this site very often, mostly because I'm not one of these folks that will ever average 20 blog posts a day. I can think of better things to do.

I will, however be posting my reviews and impressions of things that actually matter to me. Here you can expect to see my unique take on films and video games. I promise to not be current on them either. I don't really have the disposable income to go out and buy the newest triple-A XBOX360 releases or check the latest releases in the theaters on Opening Day. What I do have is GameFly, streaming NetFlix, and an unorthodox way of viewing the world.

I also will use this blog as the reporting device for what I'm calling the "Wii Fit Experiment." It's not so much a scientifically sound double-blind experiment as it is measuring the effects of the Wii Fit Balance Board and workout software on a fairly healthy 29-year old American male with an already decent metabolism and small pair of love handles.

Lastly, my kitchen might as well be Dexter's Laboratory. I've come up with some solid recipes and most of what I make has been pretty well raved about by anyone who's eaten it. You can think my lovely wife Hailey Hawkeye for putting up with my 5 years of trial and error to get to this point. I'll share some experiences from time to time about what works for me, although it will be accused by some as simply parroting one of my heroes, Alton Brown.

That's about it. If you clicked on this blog from JREF, welcome. You're already family so make yourself at home in my particular seedy corner of the intertubes.